123.gifBrazen, bad and boasy; two of Islington’s finest rapper’s, Joe Black & Benny Banks, drop their latest record ‘FUCKBOYS’ from their forthcoming collaborative project ‘BNB’ and show they still hold the reigns in the UK rap game. With 1stborn on production of the lolloping, snaring beat, the two, standout voices keep it unapologetically real with their bars and spring back to the top of the rap leaderboard.

Their collaborative history sees Benny Banks and Joe Black go back over the last decade with the North London duo making their names in the come up of the genre, thanks to their fierce lyrical style, juxtaposed against their deep, imperturbable tones.

 ‘FUCKBOYS’ is the second record from the pair to touch down this year, following the earlier release of ‘Way Too Long’, which featured S Loud on the hook. The videos run a storyline that flow in succession of tracks, unfolding a sinister tale that has an explosive ending.

 Heed the warning and take note that Benny Banks and Joe Black are back in business bringing new levels to this rap game.

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