NEW ARTIST: “Surrealism At Its Best” a brief overlook of Kendario La’Pierre’s digital artworks

Imagine a single coil, enlarged and whirling in mid air above a crystal blue waterfall . This coil moves slowly and flows, better yet dances in motion with the gushing of waves but is fixed to its position in the marmalade sky.Silence is the only sound and the world is still. All that moves is this object. Captivated by this coil one ponders the possibilities and searches for reasoning, for even in its simplicity, a more profound connotation is present. What is only a glimpse of a journey that the mind can travel, this is the direction that surrealism and surrealists like Kendario La’Pierre embark on.

Kendario La’Pierre, 24

What could only be best described as the love child of Rene Magritte, Salvador Dali, and Jean Michel Basquiat, La’Pierre is a visual and digital visionary embarking on more than ajourney but a movement.

Only 24 years old, he has managed to make a name for hiself in the art world and is a growing public figure His work is centralized around contemporary conceptions and is both provocative and visually pleasing. Using his perspective and artistic voice to deliver a message of either injustice, manipulation, or the plain ponderment of an idea, his messages are read loud and clear with superb technical skills.

 Individuality flows through this Brooklyn based artist in a time where innovation is rare and the world wide web is a leech for ideas.With the recent release of his book of works Granta: Legacies of Love and partnership with clothing brand- Homies Wonderland– making it accessible to wear art. The question now for La’Pierre is: Whats next?

Find out via: Instagram

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